Let me show you why Claremont is one of the best cities for nature lovers!

For such a small city Claremont is spoiled by its spectacular natural scenery. In almost any part of the city, you’ll be treated with all the benefits only nature can provide from the mountains to the city parks to the city gardens.

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

The largest botanical garden in Southern California has 86 acres of more than 22,000 California native plants, some of which are rare or endangered.

The garden also offers informational classes, exhibitions and fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Some of my favorites are the music series in the summer, the movies series, and of course, Butterflies and Brews.

City Parks

In Claremont we have many lush, green and beautiful parks within walking distance from every neighborhood. 

They are another great outlet to find family friendly entertainment. 

All the parks are large and have playgrounds and ballfields of all types. 

The Claremont Wilderness Park

The Claremont Wilderness park has acres of foothill chaparral, a habitat that is home to eagles, hawks, bobcats, mountain lions, rabbits, deer, and other creatures. 

At the Claremont Wilderness Park, a popular trail is the 5-mile loop that connects the various trails in the foothills above town.

There is a fair amount of elevation gain during the trail and the views at the top are spectacular.  On a clear day, the ocean and Catalina Island are visible. 


Angeles National Forest

Claremont is only a 10 minute drive away from the Angeles National Forest and a 30 minute drive away from the Mt. Baldy chairlifts at 6,500 feet! 

There are waterfalls, creeks, and trails to explore during the warmer months, and skiing and mountaineering during the colder months. 


The steepness of the San Gabriel mountains is stunning up close, with tree root balls hanging on to the side of cliffs, and large pines gnarling up and looking like bonzai near the upper levels of the tree line.  For those that are lucky, a bighorn sheep may take place out on a distant ridge.

Farther up the Mountain, there are adventures for every level of hiker. 

For beginners, there is the San Antonio Waterfall, only a 1.5 mile round trip hike, with a paved road for a trail.  Intermediate hikers can take on Ice house Canyon, and for those that want to push their limits, hiking the summit of Baldy by starting at 4,000’ and hiking to the top at 10,000’ is a thrill.  Know your limits, because every year many hikers are rescued by helicopter, especially during the winter.

At the top of the Baldy lifts, there is a restaurant and bar that is open year round on the weekends. 

There are tents and small cabins for rent at the summit during the summer for those that want to stay up on the mountain for a few days.

For the nature lover, there is no town in Southern California like Claremont!